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Pioneers in the industry for the easy way to transfer Gases Like LPG, We are glade to inform you that we are offering different types of LPG pump, electric operated LPG pump(AC LPG pump), battery operated LPG pump(DC LPG pumps), manual LPG pump, rotary vane pump from India. Meeting the requirements of handling highly compressed gases, LPG AC pump offered are developed as per defined industry parameters and also meet the defined safety standards for handling gases like LPG. Coming with non-sparking features, the construction material used also matches with the requirements of handling LPG gas application. We are exporting our pump to globally in countries like all African countries, gulf countries, south-Asian countries. Feel free to contact us for any technical information,
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STAINLESS STEEL SELF PRIMING PUMP IN INDORE, INDIA INR 0 INR 0 FEATURES:- • All wetted parts of pumps are made from lost wax process (investment casting), so excellent surface finish. smooth flow path/ hydraulic passage and no casting defects like blow holes, cracks etc. • Centripetal / regenerative impeller for better suction. SP– 0 MONO • Pumps will be normally available in CF-8m /CF-8 (Gun metal, Alloy-20) and also in other material as fee customer's requirements. • Single /multistage pumps to handle crystal cleat liquids for high pressure duties. • Very quick priming, no need of foot valves. • Very high suction capacity up to 8 meters without much noise • Various types of sealing arrangements as per customer's liquid characteristics. • Normally fitted with carbon/ceramic seal faces with teflon cup and viton rubber, • Pumps are available in monobloc and in bare type also with flameproof motor. • All motors are of "TEFC" type • Pump can be offered with electro polishing for some special Requirements. SP-1 MONO • Able to handle temperature up to 80 C • Trolley mounted available. • Also available with 120 Volt / 60 Hz. • Custom built pumps available. APPLICATIONS:- All clear liquids without solid suspensions like diesel, petrol, lpg, oil, solvents, syrup, dm water, chemicals, steam boiler feeding, evacuation of condensate water, boosting of pressure, as a drum/barrel pump. True 1473144546
MP SERIES SELF PRIMING PUMP IN INDORE, INDIA INR 0 INR 0 SPECIAL FEATURES:- Excellent quick automatic action without foot valve up to 8 mtrs. Automatic air release during priming. Back pull out design, so easy maintainance without disturbing pipe lines. Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensure less vibrations. Better efficiency because of good hydraulic design. Minimum parts, fast repairing at low cost, Also pump is available at economical rate. Available in Bare, Coupled, Monobloc, Belt driven & Engine driven version. Also offered pump with trolley / trailer to move it from one place to another. Monobloc pumps can be able to with stand with wide voltage fluctuations. Less expensive & easily available spares. Pumps can be fitted with mechanical seal as per customer's requirements. Very simple construction, only two moving parts. Easy inspection of impeller. Large diameter solids handled. up to 60 mm High resistance. to abrasive liquids the wear plate is easily replaced and impeller are also available with ceramic coating Easy to install: - only the suction hose is immersed in the liquid, The pump can be set up high and dry in the most convenient position for inspection and maintenance. Long Life :- The parts subject to wear can be easily replaced one or more times to restore the original performance. True 1473144752
CAST IRON/BRONZE HORIZONTAL MULTISTAGE PUMP IN INDORE, INDIA INR 0 INR 0 Applications and Industries: Irrigation – Sprinkler Installations Pressure Boosting – Multistage story Building – Hydro – Pneumatic Water Works Fire Fighting – Mining wash down Applications Hydraulic press / Circuits transfer & circulation hot & cold water Boiler feed pumps – Condensate pumps Features: Vertically split suction. intermediate and discharge casings clamped together by external tie bolt and sealed with gaskets or 'O' ring as required by the design, pumping temperature of the liquid pumped and the construction of the pump Grease lubricated Antifriction Bearings designed to meet the requirements mounted on either side Pump uses soft graphite lubricated asbestos. The shaft is fitted with renewable shaft sleeve in the region of the stuffing box, which protects the shaft from wear due to packing. Special water-jacketed stuffing boxes, and special design of stuffing boxes with mechanical seals are available The discharge nozzle is top vertical. Suction nozzle horizontal located on the right hand side, left hand side or central position when viewed from the driving end Is available. The flanges are round corresponding to international standards The direction of rotation is clockwise as viewed from the driving end True 1473145378
POLYPROPELENE PUMP IN INDORE, INDIA INR 0 INR 0 APPLICATION Water treatment Plant Effluent Treatment Filter Press for dyes and chemicals Fertilizer Plants Thermal and atomic power plants Drugs & Pharmaceutical Industries Descaling of Tubes Scrubbing of corrosive gases like C12 , Br , I So2 , NH3 , F2 Etc. Excellent for vacuum ejectors Transferring of concentrated HCL from road tankers Paper & Pulp industries Pickling in steel rolling mills Caustic soda plants :- Chlorinated Brine , Conc , HCL , Dilute H2SO4 etc. PHOSPHORIC Acid Plants :- H3PO4 , H2SO4 , HF and their mixtures with or without solid (gypsum) up to 40% conc. Gas Washing Plants :- Scrubbed Liquids containing CL2 , BR2 , F2 , I2 , SO2 , SO3 , CO2 , NH3 , Gases etc. with solids replace Hast Alloy. Rayon Plants :- Spin bath solution (H2SO4 , ZNSO4 , NaSo4 , etc.) Electro Plating Pumps are Available in different mounting constructions like Horizontal Bare pump , Monoblock pump and Vertical pump Pumps are supply with PTFE Gland Packing or Mechanical seal fitted. Polypropylene parts are manufactured by solid injection molding process. Mechanical seal are provide of Ceramic / GFT Face or Silicon face with Teflon bellow as per application. Gland Packing are used of PTFE Impregnated or PTFE Graphite reinforced as per application Suitable for continuous service. Pump casing is provide with external metal ring for construction stability. All non PP parts lined with anti corrosive paint to protect corrosive atmosphere True 1473145513
VERTICAL GLANDLESS PP PUMP IN INDORE, INDIA INR 0 INR 0 OPERATION ADVANTAGES OF GLANDLESS PUMP:- The recognizable leading improvement is the deletion of problems get to your feet from the use of powered seal, insulation box and inside bearing. The aptitude of pump to run dry eliminates single reason of interruption which is regularly attributable to the human component this feature is very convenient in process needing continuous transference of a corrosive fluid with a high gradation of reliability e.g. Disposal of acid effluent. The glandless pumps lend itself to process incorporating automatic control of a pump discharge valve. The "controlled leakage" acts as an integral by-pass. The pump suffers no ill effects if the discharge valve is partially or fully closed. The maximum main improvements to be derivative from the use of glandless pump are in the province of maintenance and following reduction in down time invention victims. Normal maintenance on the glandless pump is confined to lubrication of the driving. SAILENT FEATURES OF VERTICAL GLANDLESS PUMP No mechanical seal, stuffing box and internal bearings provided. No maintenance since the pump can even run dry indefinitely as there is no packing, bushes or internal Bearings. Reduction of downtime production losses in view of above features. All the wet-end parts are in solid molded construction to with stand corrosion and erosion. The impeller is semi-open type used in our all-vertical pumps to suit both clear and polluted fluids. Pump mounted outside the suction tank and is not submerged type. Polypropylene are manufactured by solid injection molding process with high pressure hence. TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE PP 50º TO 80 º C PPH 90 º TO 100 ºC PVDF 100º TO 115ºC True 1473145609
VERTICAL SINGLE STAGE CENTRIFUGAL PUMP (PPLICATIONS) IN INDORE, INDIA INR 0 INR 0 “MALHAR” Volute casing IN-LINE centrifugal pumps Type MIL are space saving pump units designed for easy installation and are used generally for circulating clean non-aggressive fluids. Water Supply Systems Water circulation / Transfer Hot water Circulation Agriculture Industry Ship Building Cooling Towers And many other Applications True 1473145885
FLOATING PUMPS IN INDORE, INDIA INR 0 INR 0 These special type of pumps have been designed to float in rivers and lakes and sump where level of liquid changing constantly and sometimes liquid required positive suction or low suction. Following are the special features of the pumps. Takes both axial and radial loads, specially designed to take thrust loads due to high currents in rivers. The centre of gravity is maintained in such a way that the pump will always be in position and even if some heavy logs/animals / external forces in the river try to change its position the pump tends to come to its original floating position when the external lateral force is removed. Very easy to maintain: lots of power/energy savings as compared to high suction pumps. Pump and floating platform can be made from M.S, PP or SS as per requirement. By reason that the floating pump can run in the water , such pumps are helpful for simplifying the earth work and building engineering of pumping station , reducing installation area and saving 30~40% of the total project cost. Can solve the flood resistance problem of those rivers and lakes with large fluctuation of water levels. Can be supplied up to 200 meter head and 1000 m3/hr Floating pumps avoid the need for any civil construction on the river banks. Floating pumps are not affected by the fluctuations of the water (tide) levels. Since the pump is always floating, it ensures that the impeller remains submerged. when pump is under water or very low suction head due to floating platform in surface pump. Since these pumps are floating , the issue of depth of suction is ruled out. Very useful when suction lift is very high. Very useful for slurry , hot water and for mining application. Always made as per customer’s requirement and we use different type of pump and platform as per characteristics of liquid . True 1473147082
Back Pullout Pumps In INDORE, INDIA
Back Pullout Pumps In INDORE, INDIA INR 0 INR 0 Features : More than 3mm corrosion allowance (cast iron) for extended use on corrosive applications. Back-pull-out construction allows rotating assembly to be with drawn without disturbing the suction and delivery connections. one piece self vanted foot mounted, center suction volute casting, single stage, closed / semi open dynamically balanced impeller. Flange drilling standards as per DIN 24255 / ISO 2858 or as per customer's requirement. Designed for 16 bar working pressure with optional casing for a working pressure of up to 20 bar. A robust and solid construction that guarantees long life even under high suction pressure conditions. Heavy-duty, deep-grooved bearings with minimum 50,000 hours operating life under normal condition. (Grease lubricated, oil lubrication available on request) Heavy-duty, stiff solid shaft design with low L3/D4 ratio ensures less than 0.05mm shaft deflection at the seal face in all operating condition. This extends the seal life. Seal housing is constructed to accommodate different seal/gland designs, so as to meet the severe heavy-duty requirements. Excellent parts interchangeability reduces inventory levels for spare parts to a minimum. Special design for high temperature thermic fluid available in request. Motor or Engine driven set Special Monoblock versions available on request Applications and Operating Range: Back Pullout Pumps "BPO" For pumping clear/turbid water/chemicals & volatile liquids. Air conditional plants, power station, mine drainage, sprinkler systems fire fighting, booster service, oils, brine. Delivery sizes up to 250mm Capacity up to 990 m3/hr Head up to 120 meters RPM 500 to 3600 True 1473147292
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